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Sugarmegs.net FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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How do I subscribe to the Sugarmegs Mailing list?

You may subscribe to the Sugarmegs Mailing list at http://sugarmegs.net/mailman/listinfo/sugarmegs

The Sugarmegs Mailing list id a fairly high volume list. You will recieve 20-50 messages per day from this list. If you would prefer to recieve all of the messages in one email per day, you may subscribe to this list in "digest" form.

Users who are on "free" email services like hotmail, yahoo, and others which have limited storage should think twice about subscribing to sugarmegs. The Sugarmegs list will quickly fill your inbox if you do not check your email on a regular basis.

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What happens if my mailbox fills up?

If your mail service has a quota (most public and ISP services do) and your mailboc fills up, then the list obviously can't send you any more messages. List message will bounce back to the mail server.

The list server will continue to try to send messages for 5 days. If you haven't cleared out space in your mailbox and messages bounce on 5 consecutive days, mail delivery to your address will automatically be suspended.

To resume mail delivery you will need to go to the Change Options page and re-enaable mail delivery.

The server will try to send you a message every few day for 3 weeks to remind you to re-enable your mail delivery. After 3 weeks if mail delivery has not been re-enabled, your subscription will be automatically deleted. Once your subscription is deleted you will need to re-subscribe from the Subscribe page.

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I'm going on vacation... how to I temprarily stop message delivery without unsubscribing?

You can suspend and resume sugarmegs message delivery at any time on the Change Options page.

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What does "SSIA" mean?

"Subject Says It All" - meaning that the subject line is itself the message.

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What does "WOB" stand for?

<DIV>WOB stands for "waste of bandwidth"  A message with WOB in the subject line is considered off-topic, like a political comment, or anything not related to the stated purpose of Sugarmegs.  If you send an off-topic message it is necessary for you to offer a "WOB tax".  A WOB tax is a kind offer like a freebie disc or two, or a B&P offer to a few people for wasting their bandwidth, and looks something like this:

Subject:  Bozo the clown is better than Oopsy, with WOB

Then at the bottom of this message about clowns, which obviously is not about music taping or trading, you would find something like this:  </DIV>
WOB:  Will take 3 people for a B&P of The Dead 2003-07-31, 3 discs .flac, I will take first three who contact me with "Clowns" in the subject line.  If you do not hear from me, you did not get in.

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How do I change my subscription to "digest" mode?

Simply point a browser at http://sugarmegs.net and click on "Change Options" in the Sugarmegs Mailing List menu block on the upper left ofthe home page.

Login using your subscribed email address and the password you chose when you subscribed (there's a remind button at the bottom of the page if you don't remember your password).

Scroll down to the "Your Sugarmegs Subscription Options" section. The second option down is "Set Digest Mode". Set that to on and click the "Submit my changes" button at the bottom of the page. That's it... you're in digest mode. You can switch back at any time bychanging the Digest Mode option back to "off".

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